Historical Society
The Searsport Historical Society devotes itself to retaining and
maintaining the memories and artifacts associated with the rich history
and heritage of the small but very special community of Searsport

Located on the Sears island  Road in Searsport, Maine

Part of the allure to save the Crary / Carlin / Coleman house is in the
nature of its use in the past and a portion of the community it
represents. We have a renowned museum in our town that focuses
on the maritime history of Searsport, as well as the seafaring
heritage around the world. While the town  is rich in seafaring
history and is known for it's ship building and Sea Captains, there
were many other businesses and industries located in the town that
supported the locals. Some of those trades included an iron
foundry where anchors, chains, and stoves were forged, at least two
brick yards, a cooper mill that produced barrels and buckets,
several lumber mills, an ice business, a spool mill, a sash and blind
factory, farms, a recreation center that catered to tourists, hotels, a
variety of merchants, a livery stable, blacksmith, a newspaper and a
fertilizer plant. While many of these businesses were established to
support the growing  shipbuilding industry, they also supported the
growing population of the town in general. When the heyday of
shipbuilding ceased, the town continued to thrive as an active
community and remains a wonderful place to live and raise a family.
Crary- Carlin- Coleman House     Circa 1830
Home of the Searsport Historical